by Rhiannon

Mantra vegan/raw restaurant in San José is slightly a task to find, but oh so worth it! It’s located inside Kasasana about 300 meters or so from the Santa Teresita church. 

After 30 hours (!!!) of travel, and a groggy day and a half spent scoping out San José, (and an unmentionable night spent on a flooded organic farm that I don’t want to suffer remembering for you) it’s safe to say I was ahankerin’ for some semblance of a healthy meal.

This, my friends, was what greeted my hungry tummy when I finally scoped out Mantra:

Zucchini-noodle Pasta with pesto sauce and linseed crackers 

I challenge any veggie-hater to say no to that delicious-ness! 

All I’d had in the past four days was coffee, coffee, coffee, and a fast-food joint here and there… I was suffering from it lemme tell you, so this was exactly what I was hoping for.
Alongside of that goodness, I also had this:Naughty Smoothie ;-): cacao with almond milk and banana (it’s green cuz I put some of my green superfoods powder in there, just to make sure I was getting super health-charged after this meal. =) I can be over-the-top sometimes ;-)

Have you guys ever eaten veggie pasta? You can buy a spiralizer for pretty cheap and try it out! I don’t have one yet but here’s the one I’m wanting – or you could just use a peeler (just peel long and thin). You can make zucchini, squash, carrot, (anything really!) pasta! And it’s super yummy if you ask me! Haha I crave for zucchini pasta like the one above. 

That’s all I have for now, Love you guys! <3