take it away i never had it anyway

by Rhiannon

Hey hey hey gorgeous gals and guys! Today’s my burfday! 22- but who’s countin? Hrm… what’d I do today? LOTS! 

Hiked up the still-active Arenal volcano. Was reminded of how small I am compared to the geothermal energy bubbling beneath my feet. 

Small in comparison to the energy of the earth, really.

And in contrast to the massive volcano looming above, nature had its fragility too.

Costa Rican orchid. Not sure what variety, but I do know that she’s a one-day-only bloomer. Tomorrow she’ll be gone.

A green Lady’s Slipper.

Simple things are what always had my heart. This was a birthday party in itself.

Mario, the waiter at dinner, insisted on giving me the complimentary little dessert they serve so often in “sodas” (little family-run café’s here). They always offer it so sweetly, I can’t find it in my heart to refuse, even if I feel too full, or don’t want condensed milk or rice. He put raisins in it “para tu cumpleaños”… aw! <3 It’s always the little things that get to me! :-)

Everything deserves a closer look. Find the jewels. :-)

And predictably, the best part of my day was the part I couldn’t bring my camera to! A newfound group of friends let me drive down with them to the natural hot springs here – in the middle of the night! If I had brought a camera, it would depict winding moonlit roads, surrounded by dense rainforest. The spring was more like a river really, with two mini waterfalls and little steaming rock pools. The river runs down from the Arenal volcano, thus the natural heat. I went further downstream from the group to do some ‘sploring and found fireflies! This place also has prehistoric-type giant ferns overhanging the stream. Like a midnight Jurassic Park! What a steameh way to turn 22!

My birthday wish: I wish you were all here with me! <3