light is dark and dark is light when you learn to adjust your eyes

by Rhiannon

More Costa Rican madness and love

Quiet towns

Colourful houses

Walking everywhere. Bag full of snacks and a waterbottle

Bougainvillea. This is unedited. The colours really were that bright!

Colourful everything! :-)

Chichirica (I think that’s just the Filipino name)

Guayabana. Sloppy, creamy fruit. The best kind! :-)

aaaand, one of the best reasons… mmhmmm. ‘nuff said. ;-)

If I could photograph the music playing in the café I’m sitting in now, I’d put that on here too :-). 

What’d I miss? People here rave about Costa Rican liquor made from sugar cane (isn’t that just rum?). The only thing I’m not willing to try! Someone wanna come visit me and taste for me? You know you want to! Have I not convinced you yet? Keep reading then. ;-)

Love you mucho! <3