from up here we can see forever

by Rhiannon

Fragments of my sweet room in La Posada, the inn I’m staying at on the main street of this small town.

Wooden doors, sky blue walls, floor and ceiling.

Lime bedding in a sky blue room (gotta love a sexysweet colour combination!)

A bunk bed just in case

Sneaky peaky in the bathroom ;-)

For Diane. German Sheppard friends!

My favourite thing about the inn: A great kitchen, and being able to cook for myself again. Peppers… mmm…

Spicy curry dish I shared with the owner of the inn. Ok the okra doesn’t look that good anymore but it tasted fine! :-) And I greatly underestimated those peppers above. Veggies with a kick! 

Cool shot outside the inn. That’s the main road of La Fortuna. I told you it’s small! 

Check out Arenal… looks like she’s already erupting! :-S

And a strange, ethereal moment somewhere between town and the waterfalls.

That’s my introduction to this sweet, friendly town. It’s got a lot of charm to it, and I shall probably be spending a few days longer here. There are so many things to see! I still have to see the blue lagoon, the waterfalls up close, Cindero (the town that recovered from the ’68 eruption), and I want to find and photograph the hot springs I told you about that I went to for my birthday. So beautiful, I must capture it in daylight! :-)

 And the people have been nothing but friendly and kind to me. 

Life is just blowing me away these days! :-) Everything just seems so much sparklier and I always feel so inspired and creative, and purposeful and I’m just excited for everyone, my mom, my friends, my brother, myself.

How are you guys feeling? Are you excited about everything lately? Sending you excited and happy energy!

Love you guys loads! <3