some velvet morning

by Rhiannon

To the blue green lagoon

Literally, I clambered my way up the last kilometre of this two hour hike (one-way, four hours total!) on my hands and knees. Colourful shoes and white shorts be damned. I was gonna see this lagoon no matter what it took, muddy vine slides and all. And the final 300 metres downhill to the lagoon was just one long pitiful slide! I might as well have plonked/splashed into the pool straight from the top.

Anybody seen the movie The Beach? That’s what this place felt like. :-) So worth the mud, scrapes and bruises.

The rest of the day was pouring with rain, so I spent it making coffee and eating tortillas with Edelweiss and the girls at the inn.

I fell asleep at 7pm! So early, the rain was just pouring and rain always makes me feel so sleepy.

Hope you are all doing so so well. Officially got excited for Christmas today. Looking forward to seeing my mom’s lime-decorated Christmas tree (last year it was fuschia). We’re a colourful family that’s for sure. :-)

Are you guys missing anyone in particular? I’m always missing someone :-(   It’s just part of living away from home I guess. You know who you are, I miss you ;-)

All my love <3