blowing theatre kisses reciting lines they don’t understand

by Rhiannon

Nature, you are one weird mamacita!

WEEEE! (if you were a frog)

Vanilla beans

Ginger roots

Electric bug

I’ve been looking through all the photos I have of different flowers here in Costa Rica. Somewhere along my way today I remembered out of nowhere a time when I knew many more names of plants and flowers than I do now. I remembered walking through a crop of Bird of Paradise and Sexy Pink’s in the farm in Bagong Poo. I must have been so young because I was looking up at the flowers, which hasn’t happened in a long time, and my Dad was harvesting the flowers for my mom’s flower shop, explaining to me the differences and characteristics between the two varieties. Ugh, I silently kick myself for not taking the time to remember more.  I think of all the gardens I was taken to growing up… Everywhere we went, my Mom and Dad took my brother and I to gardens and nurseries. Who knew I’d be so interested in them again now? I look at so many of the flowers here and sadly shake my head, with no idea what they’re called, how they best grow, how many colours there are, and varieties. I wish my Dad were here with me to explain again. Now I just resort to taking photos in my usual, “oh well that’s quite shyneh!” kind of way, with no idea what I’m actually photographing. Dad, are you even reading this? :-)

How about you guys? What are the best things you learnt from your parents? Mine are probably writing, my love for water and for plants. And I thank my papa everyday for my walk-a-tron legs and knobbly knees. They have seen me through many a tiresome mile.

But my attitude? I got it from my momma ;-)

 Hope you guys are well and chugging along safely. Thinking of you all, especially my girls I’ll be seeing in Manila so so soon!

 Not long now. Love and HUGS <3