i think you’re allowed to be whoever you want to be

by Rhiannon

Back in the warmth of the Caribbean. Spent the whole day travelling back to Puerto Viejo yesterday. Took the wrong bus and wore my shoulder sore with my heavy bag. But it turned out for the better, as usual! :-) Two guys I met in La Fortuna recognized me stranded at the bus station looking very forlorn, and offered to drive me to Puerto Viejo. We drove the winding beachside roads late at night, and it felt every bit like driving through Nasugbu, heading to Matuod. I ended up taking the driver’s seat for the last part because they were both so tired, and drove 45 minutes in silence, just through winding beach roads. The best feeling ever <3

This morning, as promised, photos of the cabins at Jacaranda:

My breakfast spot. Emphasis on “quiet”

Preparing breakfast on the counter top

My cabin door

Like sleeping in a cloud :-)

Outside my cabin

The weird, but sweet Frenchman who dragged me out of my breakfast solitude to photograph hummingbirds. Sure why not? Look at all those petals on the floor :-)

How did I miss all of this before? The little things.

Today i intend to do nothing more than swim, lie on the beach, journal, yoga… and meet up with some of the boys at the Rasta joint at sunset. Hey hey, don’t judge, if it makes you happy ;-) I’m a tourist, I’m here to see the sights! :-) No, but truly the boys down there are super friendly, and I laugh the whole time I’m with them, so, ‘nuff said, laughing for the sunset hour is how I intend to end the day.

How will you be spending the sunset hour? Shav and Dad, I already know, Tanduay time! :-)

Peace and love <3