i think the world of you but you just keep proving me wrong

by Rhiannon

There was a time in Melbourne when we had a week off uni, that I woke up and drew charcoal sketches all day long, for five days straight. When I finally broke out of my solitude to meet a friend for coffee she told me how she’d gotten a headstart on essays, been going out to so many of the beautiful sights around Melbourne… I felt stupid, and told myself “aren’t you ashamed of the way you waste your time and your parents’ money? You should at least try to sell your drawings so you can say you’ve been productive.”

I promptly stopped drawing and spent the next week in anxiety, feeling tired and pursuing “productive” things, going out, being a “normal” uni student.

I look through my beautiful gray pencil sketches of “nothing” now and think… why did I stop?

Which week was more productive, do you think?

If only I had just kept drawing…

Why do we always put limits on ourselves?

I ended up giving my friend my favourite of the slate drawings, and a few weeks later I went to her house and found it taped onto her bathroom door.

I think productivity is very relative.

Note: These photos are not mine, they were taken by my talented photographer friend Maria in Melbourne last year (she was not the friend I went to coffee with… she is not one to make others feel small in her presence).

Love <3