Filipino Living

by Rhiannon

A blog on Manila lifestyle, living in the ‘pines and oftentimes, getting away from it all.

This is a late post (was originally posted in February 2013) but I’ve been reorganizing my different blogs lately and decided to make this the one-stop shop. I imported all of my tumblr posts and am adding this from my blogspot page as there was only one relevant post, and I can’t figure out how to import from blogspot into wordpress.

Just a weekend in Matuod:










Weekends are a very precious thing to me. My favorites are the ones when I can get in a car and drive anywhere, and find something worth acknowledging, whether in writing, photography, or even just spoken words. Living in Manila is exciting and definitely rewarding but there is something so crucial about the regular getaway to gain some perspective and stand aside for a bit just to let nature wash over you.


A favorite place of mine to do just that is in my family’s beach house, Matuod. Whenever I need to calm my mind or whenever I feel lost or confused, I let my mind drift to this place and nothing soothes me more.


The memory of this place is a balm for all troubles, and actually going there is medicine for all mental, physical and spiritual ails.