Something for the weekend

by Rhiannon

Photos from my weekend: There is something so basic and life-affirming about spending time on a farm.  IMG_0841



Basic, comfortable living spaces:


Bright flowers attract beneficial insects (and keep them off the crops). Apparently insects only see yellow, so they prefer to hit the yellow flowers than head to your green beans.


You can pick (or pretend to pick) your lunch.


And scavenge for french beans. Apparently these are the only type that don’t cause rheumatism. If that’s something you’re concerned about… nom nom.


Our friendly tour guide, Fred :) Any hobby organic farmers (balcony farmers?) out there – Fred’s your man. He answers any questions you have and will give you advice and tips on whatever you’re trying to grow. I’ll just assume all the guides are like this, because a lot of the time other staff of the farm would chime in and give a few extra pointers.


LAND! Those of you who know me personally know that I have a fixation with “vaaaahhhst (‘vast’ in a posh accent) amounts of laaaaand”.


Getting to pick your own produce is one of life’s simplest, yet greatest joys. There’s a feeling of abundance and feeling-provided-for that can’t be replaced by good ol’ Mickey D’s.

IMG_0862 IMG_0861

Peking Duck anyone?


And the hut in the midst of it all where we sat for organic spearmint tea and lunch.

Big, beautiful, organic purple cabbage.


And shocking red organic chillies sun-tanning (ok drying).


It just feels good to see the process of how things are made into your lunch, and it’s satisfying to eat something you know just came from the energizing, drying sun.

And you also get to take out and play with these furry little guys.


Each are named and none of whom bite. Must be their diet of organic cucumber and TLC.

I love Costales Nature Farms because I think there can be a lot of distorted ideas about ‘eating organic’. I am really passionate about getting organic food out to anyone and everyone and normalizing this type of eating. We didn’t eat raw, vegan or fad-diet-y food (not saying that those types of eating are! It’s just a notion I know gets around). We ate chicken tinola, rice, lumpia and tea – using all organic produce. And when calculated, the amount we spent for organic food is not much more than a typical lunch in any restaurant. Think of the extra 100php or so as an investment in vibrant energy and bouncing health.

I visited this farm in July last year for one of their organic farming three-day workshops. Since then I have been so inspired by Mr. Costales’ work that I’m now starting to market and sell their products here in Manila (it’s early days). If you would like more information on the organic produce this farm supplies, or want to take a tour for yourself, leave me a comment here or email me at